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  Debris Transportation

Our establishment

has new contract with ministry of hajj for one year starting from 20/06/1427 H and renewable for same period

Our establishment

going to renew some of its fixed assets like cars and bus to transport labors to work sites and renew its offices and computers

The Contract of Saudi Aramco  

has been extended for 10 months from December 1,2006 to September 30,2007 at south area of Jeddah

The Contract of Fuchs Company

has been Renewed for 1 Year from August 1,2006 to July 31,2007 with changing some terms of the contract Which give some advantages for the two parties.


Some of the Containers Available

 - 1 Yard container - Steel and Plastic with cover
 - 2 Yard container - Mobile Tires.
 - 2 Yard Steel container, mobile o tire with cover
 - 6 Yard Steel container.
 - 6 Yard Steel container with cover.
 - 12/14 Yard Steel container.
 - 16/18 yard Steel container.









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